Let us meet you on your wellbeing journey with the highest health and safety standards, detailed here.

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Awaken Your Being

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Sensei Lānaʻi, A Four Seasons Resort A guide toward greater wellbeing

On the secluded Hawaiian island of Lānaʻi, a collaboration between Sensei, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, and dining by Nobu sets the stage for an unparalleled wellbeing experience. This curated stay invites you to select from 60+ island activities, spa treatments and wellness services that align with your intentions on your journey toward greater wellbeing.

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Guided Sensei Experience: A specially priced package includes semi-private air transfer from HNL; Pre-arrival Specialist and Sensei Guide; over 60 sport and island activities, spa treatments and wellness services from our Experience Menu, including up to 12 daily classes; and luxurious accommodations. Beginning at $1,130 single occupancy/$1,610 double occupancy, including $600 per person in Wellness Experience credits.

The Luxury of Choice

On a semi-private flight from Honolulu to Lāna’i, the mountain mists of Kōʻele seem to part – welcoming you to Sensei. Enter an expansive space featuring sculpture and water gardens, spacious accommodations, private spa hales that intertwine with nature, dining from Sensei by Nobu and abundant island activities. Enjoy the luxury of choice with a curated wellness package or à la carte from our Experience Menu of spa services and wellness experiences.

Select-Choice Experience: Avail yourself to 60+ sport and island activities, spa treatments and wellness services from our Experience Menu, including up to 12 daily classes; semi-private air transfer from HNL. Room-only rates begin at $650 per night, single or double occupancy.

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The Sensei Way

Sensei was founded by entrepreneur and co-founder of Oracle Larry Ellison, and author, physician and scientist Dr. David Agus to guide the world toward greater wellbeing.

The Sensei Way is led by science and guided by knowledge – supported by our team of Sensei Guides and wellness practitioners –  and encourage guests to incorporate better living practices.

The Sensei Way distills preventive health science into three simple paths for everyday living: Move, Nourish and Rest. These paths and the practices within them are enriched by one another, forming an essential balance that requires commitment, calibration and consistency.

Optimal Wellbeing Program

A five-night, augmented wellness experience incorporating personal health data and expert guidance to optimize your wellbeing

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How we interact with the world Move

Explore practices through breath, strength and flexibility to meet your unique needs and establish healthy habits.


Feel more connected to your physical self as you build strength, improve coordination and balance, and increase endurance.

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Challenge yourself to align your body and mind on goals that inspire you with movement offerings that include group classes and one-on-one personal training sessions.

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Engage in outdoor activities that give you space to grow, like mountain biking through lava rock boulders, a dip in the ocean, and golfing with views of the rugged Lānaʻi coastline.

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What Fuels Us Nourish

To nourish your whole self, our team of culinary experts, nutritionists and holistic practitioners will help you understand what your body and mind need to feel their best.


Sustainable ingredients are harvested from our Sensei Lānaʻi Farm and crafted into meals that fuse culinary delight with nutrition at Sensei by Nobu.


By eating consistently and making small changes at mealtime, you can strengthen your relationship with food to experience both sustenance and enjoyment.


Take time to practice mindfulness, daily gratitude, stress relief and meditation, and engage with the natural world around you.

How we recover and grow Rest

Learn important practices for winding down and tuning into your body. Effective downtime leads to greater creativity and productivity by giving the brain a chance to relax and refresh its ideas.


Whether it’s developing an optimal sleep routine, caring for your body with a massage, surrounding yourself with good company, or just being still, our expert team helps with a variety of activities and non-activities.

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Every space on our property is thoughtfully designed to inspire self-reflection and help reveal what your body needs, including extensive outdoor gardens and spacious accommodations.

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Set against the sounds of the rainforest, your private spa hale is an essential part of your journey – a sacred resting place that helps restore personal balance and heal in the most meaningful way possible.

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Let Us Guide You

With the Guided Sensei Experience, your Sensei Guide supports your wellbeing to help craft a fully curated itinerary.

The à la carte Select-Choice Experience invites you to enjoy spacious accommodations and daily wellbeing activities, with access to our expansive Experiences Menu at your own pace.

Your journey starts with intent. Take the first step and embrace the luxury of choice at Sensei Lānaʻi, A Four Seasons Resort.

Start Your Journey
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